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If you are an agri processing unit or supplier looking to expand your business, we are here for you.


Our Purpose

We are an online B2B marketplace for agri-processing units and agri-suppliers across India. We’re at the forefront of simplifying the end-to-end supply chain of agri-processing units.


Curiosity to challenge status quo and think different


Courage to execute innovative ideas that create an impact.


Commitment to work together and get things done.

Our Offerings

Enabling Agri Processing Units

Through the years, we have managed to enable agri-processing units across the country and ensure that their business goals are met!

Global supplier discovery

We enable agri-suppliers to have easy access to you and vice versa!

Efficient logistics and fulfillment management

We help you with all your logistics requirements to ensure goals are met.

Excellent quality

The supplies you get are of premium quality that enables smooth operations.

Best pricing

There are no unwanted costs incurred. We help you with industry pricing.

Working capital support

To keep your business operations going, we assist with working capital.

Empowering Agri-Suppliers

With years of experience in the Agri field, we have enabled a lot of businesses to expand and grow.

Connecting with agri-processing units worldwide

We ensure that the perfect network of agri-units are built.

On-time payment assurance

An accurate payment tracking is done to ensure assurance of on-time payment.

Right price

There are no hidden charges. Right price and quality is delivered.

Our Team

Vicky Dodani


Saket Chirania


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